Annual Report 2014/15Detailed Picture

Business & product integrity

At the core of Chr. Hansen’s business is a commitment to excellence and integrity in the way the Company does business. As a supplier to the global food and life science industry, Chr. Hansen’s top priority is to deliver products that are safe for human consumption.

Trusted products: An important milestone

The majority of Chr. Hansen's products are sold to the food and life science industries and consumed as food, beverages or dietary supplements. Consequently, product safety is of the utmost importance. During 2014/15, Chr. Hansen reached its 100% FSSC implementation target one year ahead of time. This means that all products supplied by Chr. Hansen are delivered from sites with certified management systems to ensure adequate attention to consumer safety at all stages of the product lifecycle. Further, additional steps were taken to increase agility and speed of response to food safety issues in the form of a new crisis management program.

Raising and resolving grievances

Chr. Hansen has implemented a whistleblower system, which gives a means of reporting possible violations of laws and/or Group policies. Since its implementation in October 2013, 10 complaints have been registered through the whistleblower system and other reporting mechanisms, of which four were registered in 2014/15. All complaints have been investigated, and corrective action taken in six cases where the claims were substantiated.

Chr. Hansen continuously encourages employees and external stakeholders such as suppliers and customers to use the system.

To access the whistleblower mechanism, see the CSR section of 

Continuous awareness on anticorruption

Chr. Hansen continued its anticorruption training program during 2014/15, with 245 new employees completing the Company’s anticorruption course and 95 employees in high-risk regions completing in-person training sessions. To date, more than 1,200 employees have completed Chr. Hansen’s anticorruption program, which is a core component of its anticorruption awareness efforts.


During 2015/16, Chr. Hansen will launch a new Code of Conduct to support employees and managers in understanding their day-to-day ethics and compliance responsibilities. The Code of Conduct will be followed up with a new e-learning program for all employees. With FSSC certifications now in place for all production sites, there will be additional focus on creating a strong product safety mindset and culture  throughout the full value chain.